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Jagmandir Island Palace Excursion

A must do in Udaipur - The City of Lakes

A visit to Udaipur is incomplete without a boat cruise in Lake Pichola - the historic 14th century lake made by a local banjara (gypsy) that was extended in the 16th century by Rana Udai Singh II to establish Udaipur, the

For the eco-sensitive:
Solar-powered boats were first introduced on Lake Pichola. In 1992, an initiative was taken by Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur, Chairman and Managing Trustee of the Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation, the vision of Udaipur as a solar city. He initiated research that led to the development of solar power as a source of energy for transportation systems in Udaipur. A small diesel engine boat with the capacity to carry up to five passengers was converted to operate off batteries powered by solar panels fixed onto the roof. It now operates on Gajner Lake, besides Gajner Palace, a Grand Heritage Palace of the HRH Group of Hotels in Gajner, Bikaner. The success of this water taxi led to the building of RA II an eight-seater passenger boat that was successfully completed in 1995 and is used for ferrying visitors on Lake Pichola, Udaipur.

For the history lover:
The picturesque boat ride on Lake Pichola not only provides the best scenic view of the lake and the mountains in the city, but also presents some of the most important historical monuments dotted along the lakeside or submerged within the lake. Beginning with the monumental lakeside facade of the City Palace, the boat ride moves to the picturesque ghats with their distinctive steps, still used by the locals. The lake-side is lined with the havelis of the nobles, most prominent being the Bagore ki Haveli. The Gangaur Ghat with the triple-arched Tripolia stands as a magnificent piece of architecture at the end of Bagore ki Haveli.

One can also relish the beauty of the small island structures in the midst of Lake Pichola i.e. the Mohan Mandir and the Arsi Vilas. Mohan Mandir was built by Rana Jagat Singh II as a dedication to Lord Krishna. It is a delightful perching place for the water birds little cormorants. Arsi Vilas is an island structure that has three rooms and an open courtyard at the rear. It was built by Rana Ari Singh II in the late 18th century.

The most resplendent sights on the boat ride are the island palaces. The 17th century Jagmandir Island Palace is one of the oldest and most grandiose palace that is legendary as place of refuge to Prince Khurram (later Emperor Shahjahan). Know more about Jagmandir Island Palace by visiting Jagriti -an exhibition about the historical and architectural development of Jagmandir Island Palace. The exhibition is located within the Gol Mahal at Jagmandir Island Palace and uses archival photographs and paintings to show the evolution of Jagmandir Island Palace as an incomparable pleasure-palace.

The other island palace of Jag Niwas, now the Lake Palace Hotel is an 18th century creation of Rana Jagat Singh II. It is said that he constructed the palace in response to his father's statement that 'if he wanted to stay in an island palace like Jagmandir

Beyond the lakeside history and the beautiful island palaces, the boat ride provides a fantastic view of the distant monsoon palace perched on the hills. Sajjangarh was the palace built by Maharana Sajjan Singh in the late 19th century to enjoy the beautiful monsoon season of the lake city of Udaipur.


  • Enjoy the refreshment at the all day cafe (on chargeable basis) or alternatively soak in the ambience at the Picholi Bar, sipping beer or wine.
  • Visit Jagriti the heritage exhibition on-site Jagmandir Island Palace

Entry Fee: Jagmandir Island Palace Excursion

S.No Particulars Price (INRs)
A Jagmandir Island Palace Excursion - Ticket Price
1 Sunset Jagmandir Island Palace Excursion - Adult 800/-
2 Sunset Jagmandir Island Palace Excursion - Child 450/-
3 Jagmandir Island Palace Excursion - Adult 500/-
4 Jagmandir Island Palace Excursion - Child 250/-
5 Cargo Boat (Per Hour) 5000/-
6 Charter Jagmandir Island Palace Excursion::
Charter Jagmandir Island Palace Excursion Sunset Jagmandir Island Palace Excursion Jagmandir Island Palace Excursion
Rameshwar Ghat
Jetty (Pickup/Drop)
Other than Rameshwar
Ghat Jetty / NON HRH Jetty
(Pickup / Drop)
Rameshwar Ghat
Jetty (Pickup/Drop)
Other than Rameshwar
Ghat Jetty / NON HRH Jetty
(Pickup / Drop)
Up to 01-07 pax 7500 9800 5800 7500
Up to 08-12 pax 11700 15200 9600 12500
Up to 13-18 pax 16600 21500 15000 19500
Up to 19-24 pax 21100 27400 19500 25300
Heritage Motor
Launch Cherysler
21100 27400 19500 25300
Heritage Motor
Launch Ford
21100 27400 19500 25300
Note: (a) The above rates are inclusive of taxes.
              (b) Management reserve the right to change, amend and withdraw the rate without any prior notice.
          (c) Hourly rate applies only for client @ Rs 12000/- per hour for multiple events (including event setup )in palace complex or sole event in Jagmandir Island Palace.

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