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Ms. Bhargavi Kumari Mewar of Udaipur

Ms. Bhargavi Kumari Mewar of Udaipur – Executive Director of the HRH Group of Hotels – completed her education in the United Kingdom where she studied at the Isle of Man. She had spent formative years in school at Udaipur. She came back to the heritage-city and has been involved in various developmental activities underway at HRH Group of Hotels since the late 1980s. She assisted her father, Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur, in the revitalization plans of The Durbar Hall, renovations at Shiv Niwas Palace and Fateh Prakash Palace in those years when the organization was slowly taking corporate shape. Her hands-on approach and on-the-job training gave her confidence to expand the ambit of her expertise.

With the emergence of ‘Mewar Polo’ in India, UK and Europe, as one of the first private professional polo teams, Ms. Bhargavi Kumari Mewar of Udaipur was instrumental in popularising the sport. Her marriage to Thakur Lokendra Singh Rathore, one of the finest polo-players of India.

today and a former captain of the India team to the World Cup, has cemented her love and relationship with the sport. Ms. Bhargavi Kumari Mewar of Udaipur gave shape to Shriji’s dreams of developing Ramgarh Resort & Polo Complex as one of India’s first polo-destinations. Ramgarh Resort & Polo Complex is located near Jaipur, on the edge of the Ramgarh Lake with rugged mountains ringing it.

‘Aashka – the lifestyle boutique’ has been conceptualized and created by Ms. Bhargavi Kumari Mewar of Udaipur. Her endeavour has been to popularize and revitalize the handicraft and handloom traditions of the Mewar region. Aashka today contains the finest collection of handicrafts in metal, glass, marble, stone, wood, silver and gold that reflect the width and depth of Mewar’s crafts. Ms. Bhargavi Kumari Mewar of Udaipur has ensured that the master-craftsmen and their artisans are able to benefit most as they translate the designs into reality for visitors to take back mementoes from Udaipur.

Ms. Bhargavi Kumari Mewar of Udaipur is now drawing up elaborate plans to give Aashka its due place in the retail world where the emphasis is on authentic designs and textures.

Ms. Bhargavi Kumari Mewar of Udaipur lives in Jaipur with her polo-playing husband, Lokendra, and her two daughters.