The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill, with the hospitality, travel and tourism sector being the most affected due to travel restrictions across the world and within India.

The hotel operators expect that it will take 13 to 24 months for their hotels to return to revenue per available room (RevPAR) levels of last year, according to a survey conducted by global property consultant JLL. This was according to a survey conducted on 15 leading hotel operators in India.

According to the survey, only 20 per cent of the operators believe that their hotels could bounce back to 2019 RevPAR levels within 6 to 12 months. "Whilst 60 per cent believe that their portfolio should be back on 2019 levels between 13 and 24 months from now," it added.

India's hotel industry is reimagining hospitality to survive the Covid-19 pandemic. But how far can creative thinking go at a time when people are reluctant to even step out of their homes?

The coronavirus outbreak in India and the ensuing 70-day government-enforced lockdown has crippled the hospitality industry.

HRH Group of Hotels and COVID protocols

HRH Group of Hotels halted its operations from Sun, 22nd March 2020 till Sun, 28th June 2020. Re-calibrating the things the group resumed operations from Mon, 29th June 2020 with touch-less lobbies to spread out banquets, and exhaustive pandemic protocols, everything is on the menu right now. The new normal was set with social distancing being the need of the hour, the groups hotels have tweaked the regular processes and activities to ensure that least human contact is required.
The group has invested in hygiene related mechanisms and revised its room cleaning protocols. It has further created a new standard operating process of safety and hygiene to maintain cleanliness in the hotel and train the staff to follow it.

Identification of all possible touch-points and investment in contactless technologies has been done to ensure that all these touch-points are automated and interaction with hotel staff is minimised.

The group is also encouraging future bookings to potential customers to consider booking travel packages/ hotel bookings in advance at a concessional rate.

Promoting the skill development of employees by upgrading the staff to prepare them for the revival stage. The group is supporting the employees by helping them develop new skills for the recovery and growth phase post COVID 19. The group initiated a mechanism where no layoff be was undertaken and each staff carried on with their assigned task in a planned manner.

Power and equipment management was initiated to ensure that all equipments are fully functional and safe. Hotels can also shut down floors with no occupancy, thus helping them save majorlyon-air conditioning costs as well as other operational costs.

The group is continuously in contact with clients through digital marketing campaigns across channels and platforms.

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