Display board mentioning the Unveilling of the Sentinel of The Frontiers by Shriji

Shriji, Mr. Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar and Mrs. Nivritti Kumari Mewar enjoying the band display

Band Display

Mr. Parvez Shariff and his family from Kerala were guests at Gorbandh Palace, Jaisalmer from 18-21st August 2018. The family rushed over the news of sad demise of Mr. Shariff's son-in-law Mr. Asbakmon Tharoth Kakrantavida due to a freak accident on his bike during the practice in the desert before the India Bajaj Rally 2018 at Jaisalmer. The family in this critical and hard time was supported by team HRH Group of Hotels.

In a letter to Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar he wrote “Our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Jitendra Singh Shekhawat and Mr. Bux Khan and team HRH Group of Hotels for extending emotional and moral support leading the example of Athithi Devo Bhav at this critical and hard time. It is difficult to articulate how the team extended emotional and moral support”.

HRH Group of Hotels appreciates the efforts of Mr. Jitendra Singh Shekhawat, Assistant Manager (Independent Charge), Gorbandh Palace; Mr. Bux Khan, Asst. Restaurant Manager, Gorbandh Palace and other team members

Mr. Jitendra Singh Shekhawat

Mr. Bux Khan

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