Wed, 27 June

Lovely dining with Ms. Susan George and Ms. Anne

Shriji hosted Ms. Susan George and Ms. Anne for dinner at Langans Brasserie Stratton, Piccadilly.

Shriji and Ms. Susan George

Thu, 28 June

Lunchon with Mr. Vishnu Lall and Mr. Howard Ricketts, Armoury and Photography expert

Mr. Vishnu Lall hosted Shriji for lunch with Mr. Howard Ricketts, Armoury and Photography expert from London, UK at Restorante Frescobaldi, in Piccadilly.

Wonderful to meet Mr. Vishad Mafatlal and his family

Mr. Vishad Mafatlal, Executive Chairman, Padmanabh Mafatlal Group and his family hosted Shriji for cocktails at the Connaught Hotel, Mayfair.

Fri, 29 June

Dinner with Ms. Sumita Kumar

Ms. Sumita Kumar, SUN (Europe) Ltd, UK hosted Shriji for dinner at her residence in Mayfair in London W1.

Sat, 30 June

Great in company of dinning with Ms. Patricia McFarlane and Ms. Yasmine Chander Singh

Ms. Patricia McFarlane hosted Shriji and Ms. Yasmine Chander Singh, Freelance Writer, Print and Media Producer for dinner at Giovanni restaurant in Knightsbridge.

Publication: Entrepreneur

Extract from the article entitled: The Royal Host

Page: 33

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Article snippet: In an interview with Entrepreneur magazine Mr. Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar talks about hospitality, his experiences in the industry. He talks about the next generation entrepreneurs and added on improving service with discipline and commitments.

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