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Guest Reviews

D.M. Murlay

September 26, 2017
An excellent get away from life


September 26, 2017
I liked the lovely architecture , the stream running through the property+ the large room

Hitesh Patel

September 26, 2017
Staying with nature and royal comfort feelings

Ms. Anuradha Nair

February 26, 2016
When you got treated like royalties difficult to say which service was better

Mr. Axworthy

February 24, 2016
The atmosphere a charm of the hotel and setting.

Mr. Thomas Evans

February 18, 2016
We had a beautiful stay we loved the hospitality in particular.

Mr. Andreas Oesterlin

February 02, 2016
Caring & friendly service - Evening fire

Mr. Daniel Nowava

September 24, 2015
Location of hotel with the garden atmosphere
for The aodhi Kumbhalgarh

Ms. Llewellyn Rozario

September 23, 2015
Your friendly restaurant staff and willingness to make their guest happy
for The aodhi Kumbhalgarh

Mr. Jaydip Joshi

April 05, 2015
Promptness in handling quaries was best. Eagerness to ensure satisfaction was also good
for The aodhi Kumbhalgarh

Dr. Arvind Bishnoi

June 28, 2014
Nice place to stay for good & peace of mind very refreshing
For The Aodhi

Mr. Sridhar Vangla

June 07, 2014
The overall ambience and very closed enviroment was good

Mr. Chintan d. Shah

June 02, 2014
service we received the best. the smiling face will give more hygenic food

Mr. David Abram

March 05, 2014
A Most Enjoyable Stay, Thank you to excellent staff, great for a peaceful night
The Aodhi Kumbhalgarh

John Donald

April 29, 2011
Very comfortable stay with great service
The Aodhi Hotel , Kumbhalgarh

Weydert Binsfeld

April 23, 2011
Very nice place, calm, good and friendly service. Nice terraces and swimming pool
The Aodhi Hotel, Kumbhalgarh